About Sana

Sana is a cross-disciplinary organization, including clinicians, engineers, policy, public health, and business experts along the entire healthcare value chain. Hosted at the Laboratory for Computational Physiology at MIT's Institute for Medical Engineering & Science.


Technology alone is not enough to transform global health and too often resources are indiscriminately thrown at problems without understanding what actually works. Furthermore, technology can't simply be transferred from developed countries to resource-limited settings, as solutions that work in one context, usually needs to be adapted to be sustainable in another locale.

We leverage a multidisciplinary team of Harvard and MIT trained clinicians and engineers, working together with public health professionals and researchers on the ground, to adapt the latest technologies to build sustainable practical solutions to global health problems.

While the origin of our name is somewhat arbitrary and not an acronym, "Sana" was chosen as it means "Healthy" or "Life" in several languages (including Esperanto, Italian, Latin, Portuguese, etc).

Our Initiatives

To maximize the potential impact of our work to improves lives, our initiatives are focused on knowledge sharing and discovery: to train the next generation of global health innovators. We promote the use of open source technologies and learning from each other's success and sometimes more importantly learning from each other's failures. Together, we can transform global health.

Sana promotes open source technologies and licenses to promote rapid and widespread adoption, expanding global access to mobile technologies. Sana Mobile is a highly customizable end-to-end mobile telehealth platform that accelerates the development of mHealth solutions to greatly improve access to quality care.


7 Years
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10 Countries
600+ Participants
80+ Projects

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Haiti, India, Lebanon, Mexico, Philippines, Uganda, and more

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