Development Workshops

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Admin Hack Session

Feb. 25, 2012

Where: Precise  Room TBD but likely somewhere in the Media Lab
When: Sat, Feb. 25th, 12 – 4 PM
Why: Because we need to work on the admin interface and functions.

Details: There are a number of admin features we are interested in adding improving. This includes:

  • Settings – enable most of the values for items like the SMS gateway, date formats, etc. through a web based control panel
  • Extend the log view and export feature through a web interface
  • Testing tools – incorporate diagnostic checks for the system into the admin panel
  • Work on the Sana live dvd-we need graphics!

We probably won’t get through all of these on Saturday but we would like to at least get as much of it planned out and implemented as we can. Please contact Eric, if you can make it so that we know how much food to get.

Sana Android client + OpenMRS medical record system

January 2012


Get Involved

Sana is excited to announce our Winter 2012 development workshop focused on developing software tools that increase the availability and quality of healthcare in traditionally underserved populations. Through presentations covering Sana’s past and future clinical studies and our open-source software platform, participants will have an opportunity to learn and solve problems that directly improve the lives of patients across the globe. While listeners are welcome, we strongly encourage participants to be involved in the design and development of projects during the course. Even if you are not a software developer, your experience and input can help us solve some of the critical problems that limit access to healthcare.

Daily Schedule and Course Materials

The following schedule is for the daily events for the workshop.Additional individual and group sessions may be scheduled with participants based on their needs and interests.

Date Summary Sched Event Details Downloads
Jan 26th Intro Day 10 am – noon Sana lifecycle – cradle to graveIntroduction to Sana’s technical architectureDevelopment environment set up.Guest speaker, Dr. Trishan Panch.Clinical perspectives on software tools. Introduction to the Sana Platform
Jan 27th Intro Day 10 am – noon Overview of Android clientCase Study: Hearing loss project in Brazil featuring members of the upcoming project. Sana Android Introduction

UFRN Hearing Loss Study

Jan 28th Work Day No pre-scheduled meetings Individual and group sessions at participants request  –
Jan 29th Work Day No pre-scheduled meetings Individual and group sessions at participants request  –
Jan 30th Work day 10 am – noon Data Layer, OpenMRSWorking/hacking day with instructors/TAs Sana Data Layer

Sana IAP Daily Project Code Archive

Jan 31st Work day 10 am – noon Dispatch layerWorking/hacking day with instructors/TAsGuest Speaker: Rich Fletcher Sana Dispatch Layer
Feb 1st Work day 10 am – noon Systems and scalability.Working/hacking day with instructors/TAs No documents

Discussion and hacking

Feb 2nd Work day 10 am – noon Working/hacking day with instructors/TAsCase Study: Sana Philippines.Guest Speaker: Chris Moses Sana 1.1 Procedure Markup

Sana Philippines: Chris Moses

Feb 3rd Results Day 10 am – noon Hack and Test day Discussion and hacking

Additional Downloads: sana-release-1.1.x-eclipse-project

Note: Case study presentations may vary from the listed schedule based on availability of Sana members.

Where and When

The sessions will be held on the MIT campus in Boston. Details follow:

When: Daily meetings January 26th through February 3rd 2012
Where: MIT.Room 56-180
Requirements: Prior Java and Android experience are helpful but not required.
Registration: Contact Eric winkler,
MIT IAP page


The sessions will include a number of case studies which will introduce some of the challenges faced when delivering healthcare to remote areas and performing clinical research in them as well. In particular, we will look at how the software facilitates healthcare delivery by addressing those challenges. The following list outlines a few of the case studies and guest speakers that will be presenting. Others will be added as they are confirmed

  • Discussion of clinical perspectives on software tools presented by Dr. Trishan Panch
  • Hearing loss study project beginning mid 2012. We are particularly excited to have several members of this upcoming pilot joining. It will be an exciting opportunity to be involved with solving some of the technical challenges they face.
  • Cardiovascular disease. Chris Moses will be presenting a case study of his involvement with this Philippines based project started in 2009.

For additional information, please see the Sana website

Who we are

Sana is an MIT based organization whose goal is to improve healthcare delivery for rural and underserved populations. Sana provides an open-source telemedicine platform for clinical research and best-practice health care delivery by seamlessly connecting health workers to medical professionals.


Notes about Participant Projects and Presentations

The projects will be determined during the course but will be of a scope that should be reasonable to complete in a little over a week. The project topics may include addressing issues facing one of our upcoming studies or more general issues that have yet to be resolved. Examples of general topics within the Sana platform are included in the following, non-exhaustive list.

  1. Userland tools for generating the content – Tools for helping physicians and other clinical specialists produce the form-based decision trees used as the instructions for collecting patient data.
  2. Content Mangement – Design and implementation of a sytem for managing and distributing content, instruction forms and multimedia education resources to the patients and health workers through the mobile phones.
  3. Data visualization – Patient history feature for the flash based Sana OpenMRS mediaviewer module.