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All of the Sana code is available on our Google Code repository. The Sana project is available under the BSD-3 License.
The Sana client application takes just a few clicks to install on your Android phone. To install the required server software, we recommend using our new binary packages on Ubuntu 10.04 LTS. Please refer to the Sana Wiki for installation instructions and additional documentation. Also watch the installation video below:
For technical assistance on how to use or install Sana, please visit or subscribe to our developer forum:

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Sana is built on the Google Android platform. This means that it currently runs on Android-enabled phones such as the G1. There has been some concern about price issues of Android phones. While the G1 is expensive and cost-prohibitive in some scenarios for Sana, Google has plans to release several lower cost handsets in the near future. They have already announced a $200 (unsubsidized) handset. There is an inherent quality need in remote medical diagnosis and imaging (for example, a high-resolution camera in the phone), which means core functionality will always have to reside on a decent-quality cell phone.

As the platform becomes more mature, we plan on porting Sana to other cellular platforms.