About Sana

Sana advances a unique multidisciplinary integrative approach to improving global health: leveraging technology to overcome resource limitations, focusing on analytics to drive quality improvement, and an educational program for capacity building to promote locally sustained innovation.

Sana is a cross-disciplinary organization, including clinicians, engineers, policy, public health, and business experts along the entire healthcare value chain. Our approach is to democratize access to quality healthcare through open source technologies, democratize knowledge through the exchange of learning across partners, and to democratize access to global networks of multidisciplinary experts. We believe that geniuses abound in our partner countries, and these geniuses are more likely to develop sustainable and scalable solutions, as they better understand the local problems and environment.

Developing technology solutions accompanied by the concomitant creation of a sustainable culture of quality and safety necessitates these basic principles:

Assembling multidisciplinary teams (engineers, clinicians, public health, policy, and business) to foster a design thinking approach to building solutions.
Designing solutions together with local partners, to ensure that solutions are customized and effective for the local environments.
Capacity Building
Training the next generation of informaticians and health innovators to promote a movement towards quality improvement and drive sustainable local innovation.

Geniuses Are Everywhere... Nurture Them

Our Initiatives

Sana supports a comprehensive practicum to accelerate the development, evaluation, and scaling of global health innovations. We incubate robust international collaborations to develop real world applications and experiences on the ground, building out a globally oriented hub of innovators. Developing technology solutions accompanied by the concomitant creation of a sustainable culture of quality and safety.

Open Source Software

Sana Mobile is a highly customizable end-to-end mobile telehealth platform that accelerates the development of mHealth solutions to greatly improve access to quality care. Housed under the MIT Computer Science and Artificial Laboratory (CSAIL), the Sana Mobile platform leverages open source technologies and licenses to promote rapid and widespread adoption, expanding global access to mobile technologies.

Sana Mobile Platform

Capacity Building

Sana offers an extensive educational curriculum that builds local capacity for global health informatics, with the fundamental goal of nurturing homegrown innovation. In order to impact a massive audience, the platform supports rapid expansion leveraging Internet-based tools and a “train the trainers” model, building on partnerships with dozens of international collaborators on the ground.

2015 HST.936 Course Website

Project Incubator

Sana actively contributes to the development and implementation of mHealth projects around the world, applying our extensive knowledge in informatics and leveraging our global network of experts and collaborators. The projects range from clinical research studies to social ventures, with a common focus on quality improvement and sustainable scaling.

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