Would you and a handful of your students be excited to work hand-in-hand with software developers and health experts from MIT and Harvard, as well leading institutions around the globe, on some of the world’s most pressing healthcare problems? Then join us, and an intimate group of about 30 global participants, on August 2 and 3 at the Sana@MIT Hacking Health Hackathon event.
During this two day event you and your students will become an integral part of a problem-solving team with diverse skills, interests and experiences and have opportunities to contribute your ideas and insights. You will gain real-world insights into the power and limitations of modern technology and medicine, and start building a wide range of teaching and career skills. Most of all, you will develop relationships that will support you as you grow your knowledge and skills, translate these to other learning environments, and build a passion for solving problems in your community.


What will be your students doing during this event?

Before the hackathon our learning experts will be doing introductions, sharing information, and providing some more information on the hackathon through a Google hangout in late July. After the event we'll do another Google hangout to get your feedback and start thinking about ways you could apply your learning and skills in your community.

What experience do I need?

We're not looking for any specific experience. It doesn't matter whether you have developed your own app or have never written a line of code. It doesn't matter whether you have volunteered in your local hospital ER or if you are more interested in art and design. The only thing we care is that you bring the right attitude and have shown an aptitude for problem solving.

Does it matter where I live or what school I’m at?

Not at all. As long as you can get to MIT and bring the right mindset and tools, we're interested.

When and where will this event be held?

Tuesday, August 2 and Wednesday, August 3 at the MIT Innovation Center. We'll kick things off around 9AM on Tuesday and wrap up around 5PM on Wednesday.

Who is running / sponsoring this?

The event is being organized and run by Sana, an MIT program that works with groups around the world to apply mobile software, process redesign, and education to address Global Health problems. It is funded by TBD. MIT's Teaching and Learning Laboratory and JASON Learning are supporting students and studying learning that happens during the hackathon.

Is there financial support for our group’s participation?

Any group, organization or school that is interested in participating is eligible for up to 1,500.00 dollars to cover participation from staff and students. This is contingent on full completion of the event and also the size of the group.

How do I learn more or get my group involved?

If you think you and a group of high school students are interested in participating, please complete this brief form here. You can also reach out to Dr. Yoon Jeon Kim at yjk7@mit.edu with further questions.
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