Spring 2014 Schedule

For-Credit Registered University Students
Please remember your grade will depend on completing the weekly evaluation forms.

Standardized Core Lecture Outline

Each site (and remote participants) will offer the following standard curriculum which will take place once weekly for 1.5 hours to 2 hours. Depending on your local site there may be more topics and lectures.

In Boston the course will begin February 7thth and be completed the week of May 12th, for other sites please discuss the exact dates with your local institution.

Tentatively the schedule would include the following topics and look as follows:

Week 01: February 7, 2014
Introduction to Global Health – Burdens and Gaps Dr. Richard Wamai Eval view
Global Health Informatics: Scaling for Impact Dr. Andy Kanter PDF Eval view
Homework: 1. Overview of Quality Improvement

2. What is Quality and Why Should We Measure It?

Week 02: February 14, 2014
What is eHealth? Joan Dzenowagis Eval view
Local eHealth Strategy TBD Eval view
Lab Tutorial: Sana Mobile Eric Winkler Eval view
Week 03: February 21, 2014
Overview of Health Information technology Dr. Charles Safran PDF Eval view
Monitoring and Evaluation Dr. Hamish Fraser PDF Eval view
Lab Tutorial: OpenMRS Dr. Hamish Fraser, Mark Goodrich PDF Eval view
Week 04: February 28, 2014
Enterprise Architectures for Health Dr. Alvin Marcelo Eval view
Leadership Dr. Deborah Ancona PDF Eval view
Week 05: March 7, 2014
Standards/ Interoperability Dr. Boonchai Kijsanayotin PDF Eval view
Funding & Financing Jocelyn Ling PDF Eval view
Process Evaluation Dr. Andrea Beratarrechea PDF Eval view
Week 06: March 14, 2014
Open Health Information Exchange Dr. Chris Seebregts Eval view
Advanced topics overview (machine learning, signal processing, natural language processing, longitudinal data analysis, modeling/visualization, etc) Dr. Peter Szolovits Eval view
Week 07: March 21, 2014
Applications: mobile telemedicine, treatment compliance Dr. Jack Li and Dr. Shabbir Syed-Abdul Eval view
Privacy Dr. Catherine Tucker Eval view
March 28, 2014
MIT Spring Break
Week 08: April 4, 2014
Applications: Health call centers/telephone help line, mobile tele-medicine Robert Mugonza Eval view
Applications: GIS systems and GeoFencing in public health James Killeen/Mark Loafman Eval view
Innovation and Design Dr. Beth Altringer Eval view
Week 09: April 11, 2014
Security Bruce Schneier Eval view
Applications: Education & Operations (ie: supply chain management, HR, financial transactions, scheduling) Dr. Neal Lesh Eval view
Hotspotting & Innovative Local Data Systems Aaron Truchil Eval view
Week 10: April 18, 2014
Meaningful Use of Big Data Dr. Leo Celi Eval view
Community mobilization and health promotion Dr. Wilfred Arubaku Eval view
Week 11: April 25, 2014
Applications: Global Burden of mental/ neuropsychiatric disorders, Health Surveys Dr. William Bosl Eval view
Applications of mHealth (Patient Health Records, public health surveillance) Dr. Diego Lopez Eval view
Medical Devices Prof. José Gómez-Márquez Eval view
Week 12: May 2, 2014
Final Presentations Student Teams Eval view
Week 13: May 9, 2014
Final Presentations Student Teams Eval view